My New York Adventure - Part 1

Being an art student in college, for years I dreamed of going to New York City. Finally in the summer of 2018 I made the trip out there. I had spent the past year leading up to my adventure planning and saving money so I could stay out there for as long as possible. For years friends who traveled there informed me of the nightmare prices of lodging in the city. But that past year I was speaking to a colleague and friend of mine at my school I teach at about our travels. I was

Welcome to the Blog

Hi, my name is Danny and this is my blog! I am a photographer, a painter, an art educator all rolled up into one. I figured after a year of building this site, I should really take it seriously and start actually maintaining it. When I'm out on wandering galleries or doing anything that brings up the topic of being an artist is if I have examples of my work. Unfortunately I do not keep my portfolio on my phone, so the best thing I thought would be to have some sort of platfor