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Hi, my name is Danny and this is my blog!

I am a photographer, a painter, an art educator all rolled up into one.

I figured after a year of building this site, I should really take it seriously and start actually maintaining it.

When I'm out on wandering galleries or doing anything that brings up the topic of being an artist is if I have examples of my work. Unfortunately I do not keep my portfolio on my phone, so the best thing I thought would be to have some sort of platform to show my work or make it accessible to people or interested parties.

As of this writing I am at the last quarter of my eight year of teaching high school. Its a job I love and since I've started have constantly has to balance my life as a teacher with my life as an artist. However just as I was getting into the swing of things and finding that balance I suffered a set back, my studio closed down do to change of ownership last October, so most of my supplies are now in storage.

On the flip side I've managed to focus my energies almost entirely on photography. My main subjects have always been landscapes or people regardless of the medium. Both I find interesting.

Walker House Steps, 2018

When it comes to landscape I found it a great excuse to go out and drive for a bit and find areas I don't see every day. Its challenging to look at your everyday surroundings as potential art. Photographer, Sally Mann can do this almost effortlessly, or at least by all appearances she can.

A favorite spot for me to go looking for landscapes is Carmel, CA. a few hours drive. Some of the bluest waters in California with serene forests that go right up the ocean. I was walking around Carmel Beach and I came upon a beach house designed by Frank Lloyd Wright. I must say for Wright house, it is not my favorite. I really don't care for it. However, the geometric lines I saw through my Hasselblad really caught my interest. It happened at a moment that the sun had come through the fog just enough to give me a sense of light that captured Wright's sensibility of being able to integrate a man made structure with the natural landscape around it. His house penetrates the landscape but hardly seems intrusive, more assimilated to its surroundings. I'm hoping to make it back out to Carmel very soon, as I want to spend a few days really appreciating the more remote areas North of the small town in the highlands area.

As I struggle to maintain a balance between artist and educator, I am hoping to keep this site alive with updates, not just on my blog but also on the rest of my website. Wish me luck!

-Make Art, Not War!


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